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Cookie Monster Scarf Pattern

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Cookie Monster Pattern

K crochet hook
J crochet hook
tan/light brown yarn (worsted weight-- I just used regular old Red Heart Super Saver)
bright blue yarn, worsted weight
bright blue fun fur
large size google eyes (8)
dark brown felt
black felt
hole punch
fabric glue
size 3 DPNS

To create cookies/cookie monsters:
Use K hook

With tan/light brown

Ch 2.
Round 1: 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st into first sc to join.
Round 2: ch1, 2sc in each sc around, sl st into first sc to join. (12 st)
Round 3: ch1, [sc into next sc, 2sc into next sc around], repeat until end, sl st into first sc to join.(18 st)
Round 4: ch1, [sc into each of the next 2 sc, 2 sc into following sc], repeat around, sl st into first sc to join. (24 st).

If you want to make the cookies bigger, continue as round 4, except sc into next 3 sc, then sc twice into following sc.

Make 18 cookies. If you are making a child's scarf, you may want to only do 3 rounds on the cookies, use a smaller hook, and make 8/9 total.

Change to blue yarn and make 2 blue "cookies". (again, if for a child, adjust rounds/hook size) Using fun fur, sc around edge of monsters 3x or until monster is fuzzy enough for you (you could also hold fun fur & yarn together to make an all-over fuzzy monster).

Using hole punch, make about a million "chocolate chips" from the dark brown felt. ***You are doing one side of scarf, letting it dry, then detailing second side of scarf-- DON'T GLUE EVERYTHING ON FRONT & BACK SIDES AT ONCE!!!**Very carefully, affix the chips using fabric glue. Also using fabric glue affix google eyes to the TOP of the monster's face (if you don't affix them high on the face, he will not look right). Using following stencil for mouth, cut carefully 4. Affix 2 to center of faces. Allow the cookies & monsters to dry 48 hours. When they are dry, do the same thing to the other side. This way, there will not be a glaring difference when the scarf is wrapped around one's neck.

To join-- with size 3 DPNs, PU 5 st. join yarn, knit in garter stitch (or seed/rib, whatever you prefer) for 4 rows. With another DPN, PU 5 st on next cookie. Use 3 needle bind-off to join (hold the 5 st of the attachment you've knitted together with the 5 st you just picked up,and with another DPN, insert through first st on each of the other DPNs as if to knit, and bind off as usual-- you're just holding 2 needles in one hand and binding off two sets of stitches instead of one.

To edge: Use J hook, sc around scarf. Where ever cookies decrease in size, sc twice into those st to get that "rounded" effect.

If you re-post my pattern, PLEASE credit it to me!! I don't mind if you use this, but you may not charge other people for it, since I gave it to YOU for free. Be nice-- it's good karma.

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