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I cannot believe it's been 2 1/2 years since I posted anything in this journal. Have made a few random projects here and there over past 2 1/2 years.

I pulled out the needles a couple weeks ago when the weather cooled down, and in that time, I've made a crochet cloche hat (complete with a reinforced brim) and matching curly scarf for Maris, a red and white striped scarf and matching London beanie for Christopher, and next I'm making my sister her Christmas requested Teddybear hat (with little bear ears). Have made a local knitting friend, April, and we're trying to get together weekly to knit.
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I have been horrifically lazy lately. Actaully only for about a week and a half, but still. Today while Da Boyz are at the Gun & Knife Show, I will be watching reruns of Coupling and stitching away at my project. I will also attempt to either a) put away laundry or b) reorganize the pantry, I don't know how motivated I'll be, so I can see either not getting finished. Also, since I have not yet started Renee's baby blanket, and her baby shower is in 2 weeks, I may just knock out Bubby , PashaKate, or this amineko. What would be best for a baby boy? (say that 3 x fast!) If I quit being lazy, I could probably knock out the blanket before the shower. I may just try to do that, and if I have any spare time, knock out Bubby or something. I pretty much finished Tami's baby blanket, I just haven't put a border on it or woven in the ends. Just hit a knitter's block a little bit ago.
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Quilt is 6x6 at 12" per square. Thus far I've pinned & stitched 3 rows @ 6 squares per row= 18 squares. The quilt I'd say is 1/3 done-- I have three rows left to stitch, and then those 6 rows get stitched, and then I have to create some sort of an edging, then to drop it at the tailor's to have my hand stitches reinforced (my sewing machine won't handle knit). Any ideas for a decorative edging would be appreciated. I'd like something lacy, but am probably going to crochet it...

scalloped edging?
shell edging?
rings & roses?
afghan border?

any of these? none of them? whaddya think?

to do/to go

One day, I will go here.
Until then, I will content myself figuring a way to crochet a hot dog applique.

craft supplies to obtain, by hook, crook, burgulary, theft, or purchase:

*foil tape
*loteria/tarot cards
*shrinky dinks
*screen print paint/ raggedy t-shirts
*photo paper

necklaces of husband's paintings
pie magnets
little cheese necklaces
loteria/tarot card jewelry
assorted hair pins from vintage prints
pin-up girl resin necklaces
etc....whatever comes to my dinky little brain

I found a little dice charm the other day, am still contemplating what to do with it.

Today is the 4th of July, and rather than do anything super exciting, me, hub & family are home watching reruns of Whose Line is it Anyway, while I stitch away patches. We're grilling pork chops with his parents and making corn on the cob.


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why don't I have all the time in the world to play with crafts? I want to play with Sculpey, make more jewelry, and screen print. Unfortunately I do not have enough time. That SUCKS!

Art Show!

Art Show!
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I don't usually pimp like this, but follow the Flickr link to see the rest of the photos of my husband's art show.
BTW.....that oh-so-pretty painting on the right is ME!