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Hurricane Sock Party Questionairre

Thank you everyone who left me a note about Smokie.
She has become a moonflower in my garden now. I'll post a picture when she blooms. Though I have baby deadlines to meet and a sock to knit for the Hurricane Sock Party, this week, as you can imagine, I'm fighing a funk that won't shake off easily. Tonight I'm seeing Echo & The Bunnymen, one of my all-time favorite bands ever, and I'm still stuck in a funk.

1. Repeat after me "no hurricanes, no hurricanes, no hurricanes" . Okay we just had to get that one out of the way first. We needed to created a bit of "good weather karma"! GRIN

2. If your pet(s) wrote a paragraph about you to describe you to us what would they say? (If you have no pets then just pretend you husband or best friend wrote it! This is a 3rd person writing exercise that is always fun.)

"Goddamn it mom, stop looking at the yarn. Look at ME. No, not the cat! Me! Not the other cat! Me! Not daddy! OK seriously! Me! MOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! Play with my squeaky toy! Put the yarn down!"--Lexx ............honestly my animals would probably tell you I'm totally mean because I don't let them play/lay in/ destroy my yarn. They'd also apparently, tell you that I never feed them/let them outside/pet them/play with them, because they are all liars of the highest magnitude. I have 2 cats (now) and a dog. The cats are Frog & Grim, (and Smokie's in the garden now), the dog is Lexx.


. What is your favorite hurricane supplies snack?
I'm a fan of beef jerky, we also have a Sterno setup so if need be we can cook Spam and canned potatoes. Totally ghetto, yeah, but when the power's out the power's out and youy make do, you know? Mostly we just grill everything that's in the fridge/freezer before it goes bad, eat like kings for a day and hope the lights are back on before we have to resort to what's in the cans.

4. Do sock patterns normally fit you "as written" or do you usually modify them for size in any way? (other than foot length)

Honestly I don't know. This'll be my first time making sox with DPNs, I've only ever made 2 needle sox before, so I'll be following the pattern diligently.

4a. What are your foot measurements, not just shoe size? (Measure the length of your foot from heel to toe, then the ball of your foot. )

8 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide. Stubby Hobbit feet. You can call me Bilbette Baggins.


5. What one city abroad would you visit and why if money was no object? (and terrorism was non-existant)

I really want to go to Iceland. I can't explain why, I just feel drawn to it. I also want to visit Helsinki, Finland, anywhere in Russia, Poland, and Germany-- specifically Prussia, because it's where my husband is from. I like the cold places where home & hearth are important. I think this is because I was born in & lived half my life in Maine. The other half I have always lived in Florida, so it makes for a very dysfunctional personality. At least in regards to some things.

6. Do you wear socks all year round or just during the winter? Do you prefer them tall or short or regular height?

I can't wear sox during summer. I am a hairdresser and usually wear Dansko clogs to work, or Doc Martens, and during the summer North Florida is so freaking hot my feet go nuts cooped up in shoes while wearing sox. But as soon as the weather cools off I wear sox. and when I'm at home and barefoot with the AC on I wear sox. I like all lengths of sox.

7. The last time the power was out during hurricane season (or bad weather of any kind) did you knit by lantern or were you lucky enough to knit to the humm of a generator? Or did you knit at all?

We had candles and oil lamps, and I knit a little by that light until it made my eyes hurt. That was last year, during Dennis.

8. Make a wish for your favorite sock yarn that you've already used once. What would it be? ? Dont be shy about listing an exact colorway or two if you'd like.

I'm unfamiliar with sock yarns. The ones on Knitpicks are always good. This one's pretty. But again, I don't know, so I'll be happy with whatever comes in the mail. Seriously.

9. What is it about sock knitting that keeps you wanting to knit more and more socks?

I don't know yet, but I'm hoping to find out!

10. Make a wish for a sock yarn that you are dying to try but haven't bought for yourself yet. (be specific,even colorway if you'd like)

See above. I have no idea. Surprise me.

11. What size needles do you knit socks for YOURSELF with the most? Are they circular or bamboo needles? What brand?

Not sure. I use wooden DPNS and my size 2's are what I usually knit baby bootees on, so I know my way around those. They're just plain old Clover's.

12. If you could only take 3 yarn related books and one previously knitted project that you love with you when you evacuated what would they be?
Stitch & Bitch, Stitch & Bitch Nation, Stitch & Bitch The Happy Hooker, and I'd take the Skully sweater I made my husband. For myself I'd take the Domokun I knitted. Those books have probably everything I'd ever need to look up and more than enough projects to keep me entertained.

13. What knitting notion do you wish you had that you just keep putting off getting for yourself?

Locking stitch markers, the ones that look like little locks/safety pins. And I lose the little socks you put on the ends of the needles like it's my J-O-B.

14. What is your favorite tv show?

CSI  (all of them), Hex (BBCA), Footballers Wives (BBCA), Knitty Gritty (DiY), Law & Order, Robot Chicken, Whose Line is It Anyway?.

15. Do you want a lacey sock or a "solid fabric" sock from your hurricane sister?

Don't care, whichever she likes knitting. I'll finish the other sock whatever gets send because I'm sort of OCD about finishing things. I have NO UFO's.

16. It's midnight and the power has been off for two days, its hot, and you have a craving for something sweet! What would it be? (This is a FOOD related question ladies! LOL)

I'm usually on a diet, so the Snickers Marathon low carb protein bars, the chocolate Fudge Brownie Flavor. I know it's sick when you've been dieting so long that you crave things that are on your diet, not off it. That or the Atkins Endulge Coconut bars. Mmm, Coconut.

17. Tell us a story about any of your hurricane weather related experiences.

I had a tree fall through my roof and shave off thethe wall in the first two rooms of my house during tropical storm Jeanne 2 years ago. Before that, when I was a teenager, and I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, we had the streetsign at the the end of our street get pulled up and sail down the street during Hurricane Andrew.

18. What was the one thing you wish you had remembered to get last year for hurricane supplies that you swore you wouldn't forget this year?

Batteries, batteries, batteries!

19. What color sock would you like to recieve from your sock sister? (if you don't have a pref just say so otherwise give us a hint!)

No preference. I like all colors, even yellow.

20. Well surprise, this one isn't a question at all, it's a THANK YOU for filling out this questionnarie and posting it.  Also, don't forget to send (in a private email) your snail mail address to Christy for later when the packages are mailed out.

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